Robert Kawadwa's Entrepreneur's Journal

Today is 19th September 2022

It is the day I have began my online degree program at BYU

My name as of today, I mean at the time I am writing my first blog spot; is Matovu Robert Kawadwa. Maybe it will change over time!!!

I am an entrepreneurship student at BYU-Idaho.

 Actually, before II kick-off, I am as excited as a puppy on a bicycle carrier - that's an African simile by the way.

Okay now back to real business;

A few days ago I was interviewed for a new Job as Business Liaison Officer!! that was a real Aha moment for me. it all went well.

Today as I was reading through my degree learning material I realized how important this degree program is going to be for me in this new job. To summarize this, ' I am an entrepreneur in this new job and in my everyday life. 

Apart from my new Job, I am an enthusiast of for from FARMING AS A BUSINESS. I have so far planted 600 eucalyptus trees for poles and also cleared and planted almost 3 acres of land for maize and soy peas production. this is business. but to be able to reap out of all these endeavors I need lots of knowledge in entrepreneurship.

what I have learned this week in being a real entrepreneur includes;

- Creating and maintaining a journal and its importance. there are many good lessons that we come across in our daily lives. Some are academic and written, yet most are physical and undocumented. there is a high susceptibility to the retention of undocumented lessons, however important they may be. therefore we need to take notes for future reference and to judge where we were and where we are right now.

- Dream/Thinking big. As entrepreneurs using we need to think out of pandora's box. we are blessed with abundance and therefore we need to look forward to use the abundant resources to create more resources.     

I am looking forward to learning how to create businesses. I will use this knowledge to create business for my new organization where I am to work from this October.


Today is 21st September 2022

I am trying to learn how to effectively post a blog URL.

But my farming as a business today got a push for inputs like seed and fertilizers. i am still thinking big. to harvest like 1 ton of grain this long season. Aha that's my Ayah moment.


This week from 20th to 25th September 2022

This is my new blog spot.

Randy Pausch was able to achieve his so many of his childhood dreams because he kept the focus of his dreams and when the opportunity for putting the dreams in motion, he learned the fundamentals and their importance to fulfilling his childhood dreams. Randy also realized that criticism was always important. for anyone to carry on and achieve dreams they have to be monitored by others and these others have to be mindful of putting the energy where it is fit. Randy's couch made him go the extra mile to make sure that he works hard at his soccer sport. it was really uplifting that Randy humorously noted that it's good to become a professor, where you get your cake and you have a chance to eat it too!! he kept a visualization of his dreams and he must have had much trust in God.

Dreaming is very important because gives the dreamer some kind of momentum to go forth and try to fulfill those dreams. in entrepreneurship, we have been advised to dream and dream big/. this means that dreams are a driving force that helps us achieve things in life. if you don't dream you cant achieve. 

When I was a child I dreamed that I would become financially well off, buy a car, fly in an airplane, and go to other parts of the world. Fortunately, I have seen all those dreams come true in my older years, every one of them, all of them, I have been blessed to have achieved these dreams. I was able to achieve them because they were always at the back of my mind every day of my life, they became personal desires every day. so when I grew up some more, any opportunity that presented itself was like a beacon of light beckoning on me to come to take it. and I took up the opportunity with ease because they had like become a part of me in a way.

in my current dream, I am dreaming of establishing a huge agricultural farm, and I have started making the necessary steps toward fulfilling this dream.

Thanks for reading my blog. 


Today is the 28th of September 2022

This week has been a fascinating one in my studies as an entrepreneur student at BYU Idaho.  I have learned the importance of honesty and raising ethical standards to bar higher than ever. the videos I watched inspired me to know that the most important virtue we must have as students and future entrepreneurs is professional ethics.

Honesty entails being accountable to yourself and your customers providing services or products that really benefit the customers not taking the customers for granted because you want their money and that is it. I vividly remember a quote I read from Prophet Joseph Smith; Blue; through and through. The prophet met this military bully who was out to kill innocent latter-day saints in Utah. when the bully asked the prophet, Are you a Mormon? the prophet courageously responded. 'yes, I am True blue, soaked in wool through and through. those of course are not his exact words I just wanted to translate them into the feeling I have of such a moment.

That was being honest to oneself. the response caused the military bully to remark. I like people like you who do not deny what you hold true to yourself. therefore, as business people, we need to exercise top most ethical standards in our daily lives, and not be slued in our dealings with our fellow men. I like another example of a guy who was offered a fat attractive job at a crooked man's bank, but he turned it down and felt happy not to have accepted a job offer from a bad person who was not benefiting the people but was just mindful of his self aggrandizement.

Thanks for reading 

till next post

Today is 18th October 2022

This is another post.

This week has really been so challenging for me. But I am picking up the pieces. I have learned quite a bit. I have come to learn more about the bucket list resolutions for making this life move from one level to another, and how business can grow. the code of conduct for performing entrepreneurial functions is key to making business meaningful to us and the people we serve. this resembles the fact of being disciple leaders for our homes, community, and the church. I missed a chance to read the literature on launching leaders and to make my book report because I failed to get help on how to pay for or access the book in question. 

On the issues of mastery, it is critical that we master our trades in life. for a successful entrepreneurial life, we need to master our trade. we need to master the gospel and put it into everyday entrepreneurial light. the bible teaches us not to put our candles under the bushel but to light it and put it where the world can see the good works we do.

the week went well, despite huge challenges, but we are pushing along.


the case study we shared this week was seriously inspirational and uplifting. the family business was planned well, and the notion of the slow growth of a business was really spot on.  we need to nurture the spirit of working together as families and also to involve good friends in our business undertakings.  I learned much about spreading happiness, which is similar to spreading love which is a Christ-like attribute for us latter-day saints.

I know that we have previously learned to think big in business but the mere fact that miller was able to think small and then started on a journey of growing big, is also overpowering. I am therefore a proponent of slow growth as it eliminates many problems associated with faster growth.


Today is Wednesday the 19th of October 2022


Wow, this is a really curious subject for this week. i have learned so much about entrepreneurship from the Harvard business review handbooks.

The three areas of knowledge for starting up a business

1. Having an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the business especially the competitive structure of that industry is a very important first step for startups.

2. the skills to run the daily activities and/or operations of the business are very crucial for start-ups. because if you just jump into a business without having prior knowledge, then you are bound to fail. there was that illustrative picture of a boy trying to dive into a bucket like a frog man. really if you are not well equipped you will be like that little boy.

3. we must possess the ability to raise money to fund our start-up. we saw a case study where Willis and her Fuzz cards business was funded surprisingly.

4. we also saw that if a company does not have a flawless culture, then all its strategies will be bound to fail.

5. We need to integrate action and analysis. 

6. Even in the church, we must be smart enough to recognize mistakes and change our strategy.

the knowledge to run a business from scratch to growth is very critical for me. 


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