I was staying in Transylvania Hostel and Dorin who is working there was very friendly and suggested to me that I can post something on his blog.

I am currently trying to travel around the world trip. Traveling around the world has been more common right now because of the internet which is a very important tool as well as the increasing number of hostels in every different cities. I started my journey from New York city on Aug 2nd to South America. Colombia was my first stop and I spent 5 weeks in South America and had a great time. Then I flew to London for 4 days and then to the Middle East for 3 weeks. I changed my plan in Lebanon and took a detour to Greece, then up north to the Balkans and Eastern Europe. From Bulgaria, I am planning to go back to the Middle East, then to Central Asia, China and South East Asia.

Since I am trying to visit quite a number of cities and countries, I have to hmove quite fast across different countries and can’t afford to stay too many days in one countries. Every traveller is different, some people have more time and would prefer to spend weeks or months to know a country and some would prefer to move faster across countries. I fall on the later camp because I have time constraint.

I guess for budget travel, the main goal is to maximize his utility with a number of contraints such as time, money and energy. It’s similar to an optimization problem and everyone’s utility function and objective is different. For me, my objective is I would like to learn more about a country’s economy/urban planning, looking at how people live currently, understand a little about the background/history of the country and more importantly learn how the local people view things with their own perspective by talking and meeting with the locals.

So far my trip has been amazing and I think gain more experiences than the me before this journey. Hope you readers are able to plan some amazing trips soon as well!

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