One Backpack, No Hairbrush

Last week: Budapest
This week: Transylvania
Next week: ?

I've been wearing the same pants for two months and alternating three t-shirts. My backpack is similar in size to my book bag in college. I prefer to travel this way. I LOVE to travel this way. I've used a backpack in the past that towers above my head and falls below the back of my thighs.  I didn't touch half of what I brought and ended up with swampass in every city. Low maintenance, low stress. Hence, my blog: One Backpack, No Hairbrush.

My most distinct memories thus far include; standing in Anne Frank's room; drinking beer at Oktoberfest; touching the Berlin Wall; realizing the immense size (and devastation) of Auschwitz; hearing the bugle call in Krakow; and being the only English speaker on a train bound for Transylvania.

Coming up? Should I go to Greece via Bulgaria? Or fly to Egypt and pose with some pyramids?

Whatever I choose, I have nothing weighing me down.

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