Aventuri din inima Chinei

           Asa cum v-am promis ,,Totul despre Hostel" v-a avea drept invitat special - pe Luiza Ciceu - membra a organizatiei Aiesec Cluj Napoca si fosta coleaga la Transylvania Hostel care a ajuns deja in China, avand un scop foarte nobil - educa si fomeaza caractere => profesoara de engleza.
           Dar destul cu atata vorbarie, o sa va las sa parcurgeti in deplin blogul ei, prin care sa descoperiti adevarata fata Chinei, prin experientele traite de catre ea. Din motive tehnice si de timp, Luiza a ales sa scrie doar pe ,,Baka Ranger in China"  - blog personal;

          "First, a few things about me and my blog.
            My name is Luiza, I’m 21 years old (well, 22 pretty soon) and until a few weeks ago I was a student in Cluj- Napoca, Romania. My major was Japanese and minor English. As of this week, though, I am an English tutor/ teacher at Cavendy English Village in Foshan, China and I will be staying here for 8 months. How did I end up here? Well, last year in autumn I applied for a student teaching internship program offered by the international student organization AIESEC. I took the interviews, then I took some more interviews and now I’m finally here. I teach at schools, training centers and private tutoring classes.Why China? Because I have a special interest in Asian cultures and people. I do not speak Chinese and probably I won’t any time soon, but hopefully I will learn some words and expressions to get by. This is my life. {continuare}".

            In loc de incheiere va invit la o calatorie (cel putin imaginara) sau daca deja ati fost sau daca  va ganditi sa plecati in China sa va faceti o mica idee despre ce ar putea sa va astepte acolo.

Totul despre Hostel